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June 26, 2013
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InuKag - Since Then by Cati-Art InuKag - Since Then by Cati-Art
Finally a new InuKag fanart! :la: It's been a long time since I posted a drawing inspired in the manga moments that are not in the anime, so I decided to make something for the new Inuyasha chapter. I was so happy to see something new for Inuyasha. It was so nostalgic! :love:

For those who don't know, Rumiko Takahashi wrote a new chapter of Inuyasha for Shogakukan's "Heroes Come Back", a manga special benefitting the Tohoku Earthquake relief efforts. The Rumic World website made a video with more information and you can watch it here:…

You can read the English fan translation of the chapter here:… :heart:

Inuyasha Rumiko Takahashi
Fanart *Cati-Art
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AlmogHasson 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
how can you draw like that?!!? can you make a tutorial of you fanarts? i tried to draw with Paitn Tool Sai on my computer but it was hard to much! 
im jealous, your super talented Inuloveplz 
Thanks you so much! I had NO idea that there was another chapter released! I just finished reading it and it has made me so happy! I am literally in tears hahah HAPPY tears though! This is amazing! Excellent work!
Ow, I miss them so much :( (Sad) 
This is sooo cute!! :D
Very nice!! Amazing work!
(And thank you very much for the reference! I can't believe I missed the special!) :hug:
Writers-411 Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So pretty! Great work!
who's awesome?  You're awesome!
Your artwork has won an award from the Feudal Association for the July 2013 term!

Founded in 2005 by author/artist, Dark Avenger, the Feudal Association consists of writers, artists, and enthusiasts of the InuYasha fandom. But aside from that, we are also proud to say that we are an awards guild that recognizes fan-fiction and artwork. Several times a year we nominate, vote, and hand out honors to some of the best creations in the fandom.

Our official website can be found here:

Our Yahoo Group, where the nominating and voting occurs, can be found here:…

This terms' fanart winners list can be found here:…

Artists, you may retrieve your awards here:…

All awards, past or present, can be found here:…

Please pick up "site only" awards here:…

Please note that each term we actively seek artists that would like to contribute their InuYasha fanart to our group as awards. If you're interested in donating a piece, please contact us or join the Feudal Association.

**You may receive this notice more than once if you've won multiple awards.

Congratulations and feel free to help us spread the word about our group!

~The Feudal Association
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